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"We are a U. S. public company operating under U. S. corporate governance"
Smartheat is a Nevada registered company involved primarily in the research, production, manufacture, and sale of plate heat exchange products [PHE]. Our PHE products are utilized in industrial, commercial and residential applications.

PHEs are highly versatile products. They are commonly used in power generation and chemicals processing industries as well as shipping, automotive, petroleum refinement and derivative products, electric power and HVAC generation & distribution, edible oils, metallurgy, electronics, and food & beverages.

"We research, manufacture and sell top-quality heat exchange products to help meet the increasing energy needs of tomorrow"
Our Company maintains the highest standards and to these ends is both government certified and licensed.

Smartheat is the largest OEM of SONDEX in China. We use SONDEX high quality stainless steel plates to design, manufacture and sell PHEs in all of Northern China. The Company's PHE Units provide energy saving heat solutions to utility, power, and construction companies throughout China.

What are heat exchangers or PHE products?
Heat exchangers are devices in which heating or cooling is transferred via the plates from one substance to another. The process includes both convection and conduction resulting in significantly improved energy capture as well as greater control over processing temperatures and pressure. Click here to see how our PHEs work

Why use a PHE?
With no currently viable economic alternative to exhaustible fossil fuels, public and private entities must utilize such resources in a more efficient manner. By improving energy capture, SmartHeat's PHE products help various industries and individuals reduce energy costs and their impact on the environment.

"Our future portends powerful growth"
As China experiences record economic growth, increasing energy costs and an urgent need to address environmental concerns, the market for PHEs and related products in China is entering a new era of rapid expansion. Our sales and net income grew by 61.8% and 150.7%, respectively, in 2007. With the market for PHE products in China expected to grow at 30%1 annually through 2010, we expect to maintain or exceed our current growth rates through that time.

With top-flight engineering and technical professionals, an active and growing customer base, and efficient and timely service supported by experienced and knowledgeable management, SmartHeat is poised to play a significant role in helping China to manage pollution and improve its energy efficiency.

1. China Heating Association

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July 14,2012

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May 16,2012

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August 8,2011

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May 12,2011

SmartHeat Inc. Announces Record Full Year 2010 Financial Results - 52% Revenue Growth, 47% Net Income Growth
March 19,2011



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