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SmartHeat was established in July, 2002 in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, PRC. In our initial year of operations we established a strong base of utility, petroleum, manufacturing, and construction customers by providing top quality PHEs to service their needs. Our PHE products help customers increase energy capture, reduce costs, and improve product quality by accurately controlling temperature and pressure in their manufacturing processes. Just 10 months after entering business, we were able to prepare, design, manufacture, and sell our own customized PHE Units across all of mainland China.

Now with over 5 years of operations in China, we are the leading provider of PHE Units. We sell directly through our network of 6 sales offices and over 50 specially trained in-field sales technicians, and indirectly though 29 distributors. We have established a discriminating customer base in a variety of key industries and implemented projects for a number of Fortune 500 companies such as Motorola, Veolia EDF, and Sinopec.

July, 2002
Established with operating license to produce and sell PHEs and PHE units;

April, 2003
Initial PHE Unit contract sale made to Nanjing Huidun Machinery & Electric;

May, 2003
Awarded ISO-9001 Quality Management certificate for production and operation systems;

Dec, 2003
Exceeded initial year sales goal by 30%;

April, 2004
Initial sale of PHEs in HVAC industry to Hangzhou Xinli HVAC Engineering Co. for use at Zhejiang Banshan Power Plant;

August, 2004
Achieved initial sale of PHEs in the Dairy industry to Sanyuan Hentai Dairy Co.

March, 2005
Awarded 2 National patents in PHE design production;

June, 2005
Implemented integrated ERP system for all significant processes significantly strengthening management decision tools;

June, 2005
Awarded 2 patents from China's National Patent Agency for heat meter development;

August, 2005
Obtained license to produce and sell heat meters in China;

April, 2006
Awarded National Safety Certificate by Shenyang Province;

Dec, 2006
Achieved leading position in China's PHE units market


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